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Wholesale Shopping Baskets

Our wholesale shopping baskets can be viewed below and each one of them can be purchased at a substantial bulk discount rate for large volume orders. Please give us a call and we'd love to help you with your next wholesale shopping basket purchase.

Plastic Shopping Baskets with Plastic Handles


Our standard plastic shopping baskets with plastic handles are ideal for any retail store. Durable in design and easy to carry, these shopping baskets bring convenience to your customers. The...

Hand Baskets with Chrome Handle


Plastic hand baskets are a necessary retail shopping tool. Durable in design and easy to carry, our shopping baskets bring convenience to your customers. These plastic hand baskets offer...

Large Grocery Baskets


Grocery baskets can help improve grocery store sales. They are heavy duty and larger than the standard baskets. They are designed for grocery stores, but they can work for any retailer.


Grocery Baskets with Plastic Handles


Watch sales improve at your retail store, by placing our durable and easy-to-carry, Heavy Duty Jumbo Grocery Baskets at your entrance. These heavy-duty plastic-handled shopping baskets come in...

Hand Held Shopping Baskets


The Prestige Line of Jumbo hand-held shopping baskets are made of durable high-density resin for impact resistance and strength. You'll find this basket easy to carry by the two chrome handles,...

Rolling Shopping Baskets


Our line of Easy-Pull baskets allow for more mobility, convenience and increased sales. The rolling basket is ideal for narrow aisles and small stores. Comes equipped with a long, durable handle...



About TSI Shopping Baskets

Provide customers with baskets they can trust - TSI Shopping Baskets. Business owners need reliable shopping baskets for their customers and our quality line does the job. We have everything from vividly colored plastic baskets, to see-through wire and mesh baskets. Whether your customers are buying retail products or groceries, these convenient hand-held baskets will lead to a positive shopping experience.