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The Key to Shopping Baskets

Shopping baskets are more than just handy items found in markets and retail stores. Usually placed by the entrance, a stack of uniformed shopping baskets allow customers convenience and functionality, but they can also offer business owners valuable insight.

Shopping baskets hold a hidden marketing key. Strategically placed baskets can unveil shopping patterns. It's a not often talked about trade secret. Retailers benefit from putting a stack of one color shopping baskets at the back of the store, a different color stack of baskets in the front, and even more at varying display points throughout the store.

Once tallied at the end of the day, retailers can pinpoint where in the store customers were more likely to pick up a basket and the reverse. It can point to the popular items and lead to increased impulse buys.

Keeping retail stores stocked with a variety of shopping baskets is pivotal for retail business success.



About TSI Shopping Baskets

Provide customers with baskets they can trust - TSI Shopping Baskets. Business owners need reliable shopping baskets for their customers and our quality line does the job. We have everything from vividly colored plastic baskets, to see-through wire and mesh baskets. Whether your customers are buying retail products or groceries, these convenient hand-held baskets will lead to a positive shopping experience.